My first post….I had thought the timing might coincide with the first 100-degree day here…..but there have already been at least five of them.  Supposedly this is “unseasonable”, as the first day we hit 100 was April 22. To quote from the National Weather Service website, April had:

10th warmest April on record (tied with 2011 and 1990)
2nd earliest first 100° on record occurs on 22nd
2nd warmest 2nd half of April on record
Most days with highs of 90° or greater since 1989
2nd most occurrences with lows of 60° or greater

So, it’s hot.  VERY hot.  Yes, dry heat, like the inside of an oven.  And it’s only June 1. 

But on the “plus” side, the streets are almost void of traffic, no problem getting into restaurants, and the house guests are gone for the season….we had nine sets of them this year!!  Always lots of fun, since Fred and I love being with our friends,  and of course family. 

But now can be “me” or “us” time.  I have a PILE of magazines to go through, not to mention my multiple knitting projects.  All nice indoor activities.  That I can do while watching “Dr. Zhivago” 🙂

So maybe this won’t be the “summer of my discontent” (discomfort) after all? Stay tuned.