Here was the weekly forecast as of Monday.  Thankfully, it only reached the 90’s on Monday. 

We bought one of those windshield shields for the car, as it’s basically a reflector, it’s almost too hot to handle when you try to remove after several hours in the sun.  And to think I used to use a reflector (and iodine tinted baby oil) to bake myself in the sun, 30+ years ago!

Am headed back to Chicago for two days next week.  Will have to switch gears and watch for i-phone thieves at bus stops instead of rattle snakes under rocks!  BIG CITY, here I come! 

Song for the day “Heat Wave” by Martha and The Vandellas (what IS a Vandella?)

and movie for the day “Body Heat” starring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt: Kathleen and William sweat it out.