Water is a very precious commodity (or actually it’s NOT a commodity) in the desert. Tucson gets about 12″ of rainfall annually; Chicago gets 36″ and Seattle 38″. Of course, these numbers are based on 30 year averages, and I don’t think we are hitting “average” on anything to do with climate any more.

We recently met some people who recycle ALL the water they use and collect the little rainwater we get in Arizona. They don’t even have “flush” toilets, but rather some kind of incinerator that burns up the waste (I’ll spare you more details). Then we met a couple last night who have a garden where they grow all kinds of vegetables that devour water. The husband said “each ear of corn probably costs me an additional $40 in water bills!” I think I’m somewhere inbetween. I am very aware of using water when I rinse out cans, or take a shower. But not sure how I can cut back much more (and stay “hygenically” acceptable).

So I decided to experiment and see how fast water would evaporate. Put out a measuring cup with one full cup of water in it yesterday at noon. 24 hours later it was half gone. Even feeling a little guilt about that but it was all in the name of science 🙂

I’m NOT feeling guilty about running the A/C at about 74 degrees, as we put in solar panels two years ago and our electric bill as under $10 a month all winter. A little higher now, but still significant savings.  Here is a picture of our 64 :

“Heat” song for the week: Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” but after listening to the lyrics carefully, I don’t think she was referring to the weather 🙂