Fred and I went to New York for a week; my college roommate’s youngest daughter (of six kids!) was getting married outside of Utica, in the Adirondacks.  We spent two lovely days there.  Very lush and very green!  Weather was perfect and not one misquito bite!  Here is a photo of me, Annie (mother of the bride) and Virginia, another good college chum.  Amazing to think that I was Annie’s bridesmaid 39 years ago this summer!! 

We then took Amtrak from Utica to Penn Station, for a few days of “big city” life.  Went to the Neue Gallery (famous for its Klimts), MOMA, the Met, and the Botannical Gardens in the Bronx where they had a special “Giverney” exhibit.  We’ve been to the real one outside of Paris, but this was a reasonable facsimile.  Here are some photos:

Not sure if this was a joke or not?

This installation left me speechless….and I never did find the bullet hole?

Then returned home to the start (finally!) of the monsoon season in Tucson. The sky darkens and then the pouring rains come for about 15-30 minutes. Temperature drops about 20 degrees and all is fresh and green afterward. No great lightning storms yet….assume they will be arriving soon.