First, an update on our injured Cooper Hawk.  We released him on our property last Wednesday.  He got out of the box we’d transported him in…seemed a little confused, then with some encouragement (Fred shoved the box at him) he flew up to the top of our tractor.  We left him there, to reacclimate, and when we went to look for him 30 minutes later, he was gone….hopefully reunited with his family.

Fred also spotted a desert tortoise out for his evening stroll in our front yard (no, he wasn’t walking on his hind feet…I just can’t figure out how to re-position the photo)

Summer has also brought new growth to many of the plants; this barrel cactus is getting its second blooms, and they’re a vibrant coral, while in the spring they are yellow.

This prickly pear is bearing fruit….I know people who have made jelly from it but after my effort to cure olives 20 years ago, I think I’ll rest on my laurels.

And our fruit trees are getting ready for the next crop.  None for two years due to the frost damage of 2010.  But here’s our orange tree….with a green orange

And with apologies to Joyce Kilmer, he may have thought he’d “never see a poem lovely as a tree”… if you want something really bizzaro, look no further than the nearest saguaro!

Lotsa arms (or are they?:)

Mama Cactus?

And the temperature as recorded on our dashboard yesterday!

You’re darn tootin’ it’s hot here!

Off to Chicago next week!