Well, we’ve had a couple of exciting days….at least compared to the last couple of weeks.

First, a bird (later identified as a Cooper Hawk) flew into our glass front doorway.  Apparently they see the sky reflected in the glass, and don’t realize it’s a reflection.  As someone who’s walked into glass or screen doors, I can identify.  Here’s the poor guy laying outside our door. 

We called Tucson Wildlife (www.tucsonwildlife.com) and they came to rescue him within the hour.  As of last night, they said he was eating, drinking and jumping on and off of a perch, but wasn’t flying yet.  They think he may have suffered some soft tissue damage, or had a concussion.  But they are optimistic that he will recover…..by the way, I don’t know if it’s really a “he” but whatever the gender, hope the poor thing makes a full recovery!

And the monsoons are well under way.   One of the definitions I found that does not limit monsoons to India says they are: “seasonal changes in wind and precipitation patterns. Monsoonal winds and rains occur all over the planet, and can cause severe torms.”

Pretty accurate summary…..but last night, in addition to torrential rains, we also had thunder and lightning.  The TV screen flashed and we lost our satellite connection for about 15-20 minutes.  It eventually came back, but our brand new master-remote, and the system’s “brain” (as our AV guy calls it) suffered damage.  We thought that was the extent it, until Fred discovered pieces of brick on our back patio area this morning.  And then saw a large chunk of our brick wall laying on the roof.  LJ came by, climbed up our ladder and brought it down.  Quite a hunk of concrete!

If it’s not edible, Maya’s not interested.

   We then saw the spot it had come from…way up high, a corner of the the peripet. 

No rain today, but I can’t let the subject of this blog end without a tribute to Lou Christie singing the title of this entry 🙂